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Thank you note from Chrystal Home to SMR Group!

On behalf of Chantal and all the children at Chrystal Home, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for the very generous donations of RM 2500.

With your help, the home has undergone some very necessary renovations, including the construction of a computer room. I've attached a photo of the group for you :-)

For the past 6 months, myself, Erin & Jordan (mentors living in Taiping) have been volunteering with the kids, using play dough, phonics, pen pal letters, etc.

Jessica and Candice have volunteered themselves numerous times to help me gather information and work with Chantal in the areas of recruiting committee members and fundraising ideas. Through our efforts, the information on was compiled and launched.

A group of us also put on an outing for the children whereby they were put into groups to go bowling, swimming, cooking, craft making, and to the playground. In past years we've gone to the zoo and had a Sport's Day at the Lake Gardens.

Thank you again. Be assured, they truly are a fabulous and grateful group of youngsters!

Kind regards,


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