Taiping Sports day


On Sunday April 28th, 2013 a number of SMR employees gathered along with a group of nearly 40 children from Taiping to participate in a day of organised games and activities.

The event was extra special because all of the children were from Chrystal Home. Chrystal Home is a local charity that offers refuge to children who have either been abandoned, abused or orphaned.


The event was held in the Taiping Lake Gardens from 9am to early in the afternoon. We were fortunate to have incredibly beautiful weather the entire time and the children enjoyed the wide open spaces. We mentors enjoyed the children’s visible glee with the events and the location.

The day was initially meant to be an opportunity for having a good time the children and snowballed into a substantial charity event with contributions from individuals and local corporations.

One of the highlights for Chrystal Home was receiving a, much needed, washing machine while the children were each given a collection of items for school-use..

We all offer our thanks to individual contributors and SMR for their charity.